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Why should I buy a standalone ECU?

Standalone engine control units open up a whole new world of engine tuning and free you from the shackles of the standard control unit. Unfortunately, the adaptation and wiring is often complex and expensive. Maptec offers a solution for this. The modern, freely programmable Link Plug-In control units have vehicle-specific plugs and are discreetly accommodated in the original control unit housing. The MoTeC Plug and Play kits are supplied with an adapter harness. Link and MoTeC are among the world's leading ECU manufacturers for a reason.

Link ECU's lifetime warranty, very advanced and extensive features that are often not found or only in massively more expensive ECUs, and an unbeatable price/performance ratio make it an excellent choice!

MoTeC is at home in the professional motorpsort. The ECUs, PDM displays etc. are used by factory teams and can be found as standard electronics in high-class racing series such as V8 Supercar, S5000, etc. With the other MoTeC components and our in-house designed and manufactured motorsport wiring harnesses, we develop race car electronics systems at the highest level.

Link and MoTeC are the two leading manufacturers of freely programmable control units on the market and offer an excellent platform for all conceivable modifications. No matter what you intend to do in the future, it can be controlled and regulated with the ECU's we offer (e.g. NOS, water-methanol injection, etc.). Numerous motorsport functions such as anti-lag, launch control, shift without lift, gearcut, etc. can also be programmed. The integrated comprehensive protection functions are the best insurance for your engine! You can read more about this below in the section on protective functions.

A transmission control and a traction control are integrated! With MoTeC, the GPR-P firmware package also provides an excellent paddle shift system including redundant functions (especially important in Endurance use!). The possibility to make gear- and speed-dependent corrections to the mapping allows us to tune the car a little more aggressively in the lower gears.

Link and MoTeC ECU's have, in addition to the usual connections, various additional inputs and outputs for controlling actuators or for recording additional sensors via the integrated data logger. Thus, all engine data of the last driving hours are available for diagnostic purposes or for driver evaluation. With a suitably selected sampling rate, a complete 24-hour race can be recorded.

All data can be easily transferred via CAN bus (two cables) to all common motorsport displays (Dash). This way, the driver is always informed about important engine parameters and the race team can see all engine-related data without having to connect a laptop. Compatible displays with or without integrated data logger from MoTeC, AIM and Plex Tuning can be found in our online shop:

A mass air flow sensor is no longer needed. Instead, a MAP sensor and an intake temperature sensor are installed. A boost controller is also omitted. With a Link or MoTeC controller you get a much more advanced solution! Maptec programs the integrated closed loop boost control to achieve exactly the same pressures in all weather and temperatures, and builds in additional protection functions (e.g. boost pressure reduction in case of under- or overtemperature). Several boost pressure levels and curves can be programmed. This means that the driver has the right engine characteristics for every track condition. A correctly tuned boost pressure control works better and safer than any external device. For higher boost pressures, we recommend replacing the original boost pressure control valve with a 3- or 4-port valve. The intake manifold pressure sensor (map sensor) may need to be replaced with one with a higher measuring range. You will find suitable products in our shop.

Protective functions

The best insurance for your engine! Link ECU and MoTeC offer the possibility to program numerous protection functions, which is not possible with an original ECU. Examples of possible protection functions are:

  • correction of ignition, injection and boost pressure at high intake, water or exhaust temperatures

  • Reduction of the rev limiter if the engine temperature is too high or too low.

  • setting a speed-dependent oil pressure minimum. Immediate or delayed shutdown of the cylinders if the oil pressure falls below the minimum.

  • Fuel pressure monitoring with automatic compensation in the event of insufficient pressure up to a certain level - then shutting down the cylinders. This prevents engine lean and harmful knocking.

  • and much more.

This means you can demand 100% from your engine without worrying! Should a parameter run out of the target range, the control unit automatically adjusts and, if necessary, limits the engine speed. In this way, even the biggest lead foot pilot will notice that something is wrong and can trigger the box.

For some functions, such as oil pressure monitoring, additional sensors are usually required. You can find suitable sensors in motorsport quality in our Online Shop:

Link vollständig freigeschaltet

LINK Steuergeräte sind standardmässig vollständig freigeschalten. Funktionen wie Antilag, Launch Control, Traktionskontrolle, Closed Loop Lambda uvm. sind bereits ab Werk Onboard und müssen nicht separat dazugekauft werden!

Bei MoTeC kaufen Sie von Beginn an zur Hardware die passende Firmware. Standartmässig werden bereits viele Kanäle aufgezeichnet. Mit den Logging Upgrades lassen sich bis zu 2000 Kanäle mit 1000 Hz Samplerate freischalten. Mehr Infos dazu finden Sie im Online Shop bei den jeweiligen MoTeC Steuergeräten.

Closed Loop Fuel Control

With an additional external wideband lambda probe, which is connected via CAN or a 0-5V input, a closed loop lambda control can be programmed. With this, the mixture is constantly monitored and automatically readjusted. Thus, the engine always runs with perfect mixture values, independent of environmental influences, wear and ageing. Link and MoTeC offer CAN Lambda modules with integrated self-monitoring.

Maptec rotary switch for MAP switch, adjustable traction control, etc.

Numerous different maps can be selected on the Link and MoTeC ECUs via a rotary switch. Maptec programs different boost pressure curves, ignition angles, mixture values, throttle maps, gear-dependent corrections and much more. These parameters have a decisive influence on the engine characteristics. This gives the rider the fantastic opportunity to adjust the engine's torque curve and performance "on the fly" for any track and weather conditions. Suitable rotary switches with 9 and 12 steps can be found in our shop. The MoTeC keypads are also suitable for operating the control unit and dash.

Launch Control

With a freely programmable control unit, we can decisively accelerate your race starts! With a Launch Control, your starts will not only be faster, but also more consistent. The driver can accelerate at full throttle while the engine speed is limited. With turbo engines, boost pressure is already built up at a standstill. Stalling" or "falling into turbo lag" is a thing of the past. To enable you to set the ideal launch speed for all weather and track conditions, our 12- or 9-speed mapswitch is also used here. To perfect the system, we offer an automatic clutch system for the launch phase. This releases the clutch automatically and precisely at the start. This allows you to achieve perfect, enormously fast and material-friendly launches in all weather conditions.

This is what a start with a launch control tuned by Maptec looks like:

Traction control

Link and MoTeC control units have sophisticated traction control functions. Good traction control makes a vehicle not only safer but also faster. Optional maps selectable via a rotary switch determine the permissible slip depending on vehicle speed, G-forces and accelerator pedal position. The closed-loop control takes care of the rest. The more slip the wheels have, the more the ECU reduces engine torque. Ideally, the traction control is "fine-tuned" on the race track. Maptec offers a corresponding race service on site at the race track.

Data is power!

All Link and MoTeC control units contain extremely powerful data loggers. The data logs can be downloaded from the vehicle and then analysed via PC software. The data allows the engine and vehicle to be optimised to the utmost on the racetrack, which is becoming increasingly important, especially with today's litre performances. In most cases, errors or problems can be found very quickly using the data logs. If you have a problem with the car on the race track, we can often make a diagnosis using the data logs that you send us via the customer account.

Tuning of knock control

For an additional charge we calibrate a cylinder selective knock control. This brings additional safety and is one of the best "insurances" to protect your high-performance engine from the possible consequences of inferior (foreign) fuel. Often a knock control allows a tuning with little more power.


As mentioned at the beginning, and as you may have noticed in the course of this info, switching to a free-programmable ECU opens up a lot of new possibilities. Many possibilities are good, but they do not make the choice about the right components any easier. Basically, we are convinced that it makes sense to go for an advanced control unit right from the start. Of course, you don't have to use all the functions. In fact, you have the option of expanding your engine system at any time without having to invest in a second control unit. You buy a Link control unit once. No matter how unusual your ideas are, with a LINK ECU we can implement and optimally tune them.

We will be happy to help you choose the right motorsport electronics and accessories. We are also happy to help you put together the right hardware setup so that you can achieve your desired goals. Please contact us without obligation!

advanced technology for advanced cars.

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