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Maptec Dyno graph performance measurement curve

Performance measurement at Maptec

You have probably already asked yourself what effects the modifications to your vehicle have on performance. Or do you want to know whether the specified series performance of your vehicle is still being achieved? Unfortunately, regular meetings and petrol discussions are of little help here.

Take the chance and have the performance of your vehicle measured on our high-end test bench.

Through the complex Vehicle cooling and Load simulation   we measure the power and torque of your vehicle reliably and extremely precisely. If desired, other parameters such as boost pressure, mixture values, etc. can be recorded and displayed.

All passenger and delivery vehicles with 4, 5, 6 or 8 hole wheel hubs up to a power of 1200PS can be measured on our Dynpack chassis test bench . A few are exceptions

Automatic vehicles that do not allow measurements due to their switching strategy. However, this can only be determined during the measurement attempt itself.

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