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Maptec dynamometer in detail


Most dynamometers are built to measure performance.

Our Dynapack does the same. The Dynapack not only measures performance,

but is much more a state of the art tool for coordination and diagnosis

work . It differs fundamentally from the common roller test

stands. The power transmission does not take place, as usual, via the tires

Roles, instead the test stand directly over the wheel hubs to the

Vehicle coupled.


Our test stand is extremely safe . It is not possible for the vehicle to jump out of the rollers as with conventional roller test stands (see YouTube). The Dynapack works almost noiselessly and only causes 50-70 db. That is quieter than a vehicle when idling. This enables us to "listen" to your vehicle without any background noise. Any problems are recognized immediately.

Performance measurement

We measure the performance of a vehicle up to 1500 PS without slip. The Dynapack allows full load rides for as long as we want. Overheating or time-consuming cooling phases of the test stand are eliminated. For you as a customer, this means that you only pay for the time for diagnosis and test bench work, and not for cooling phases.

Exact results

Through the direct coupling of the Dynapack to the vehicle, probably the biggest variables - such as tire slip on the roller, different tire pressures and rolling resistance due to heating, different tightening of tension sets, etc. are largely eliminated. The result is unmatched precision and repeatability of the measurement results. Even the smallest changes, such as the influence of different engine oils, can be measured. Also, massive changes in load within a very short time are no problem. For example, a torque increase of 500 Nm caused by nitrous oxide injection can be measured within 0.1 seconds without any problems. Such a vehicle would have high levels of slip on a conventional roller dynamometer - measurement would therefore be impossible.

Working principle

Our Dynapack does not work like all other dynamometers , with a fixed flywheel, eddy current brakes, friction or the like, but with hydraulics. The Dynapack measures the hydrostatic pressure inside the system, which depends 1: 1 on the torque output on the wheel. What remains hidden in other test stands becomes visible with the Dynapack. The smallest changes in the torque curve are recorded and the greatest repeat accuracy is achieved among all dynamometers.

Measurement methods and program sequences

On our Dynapack, the vehicle does not determine how fast the test bench accelerates. We have complete control over the wheel speed. This enables us to carry out complete race track simulations . Start, hold time, final speed and the acceleration rates can be precisely defined. With the option of keeping the engine at a constant speed for a few seconds before starting the measurement, the engine always has the same amount of time to build up the boost pressure. This guarantees exact and repeatable results . Static load and speed points can also be approached with a very fine resolution. The torque distribution to the individual wheels is recorded automatically. With all measurement methods, the Dynapack keeps the wheel speed independent of load and engine speed, on all four wheels exactly within one rotation. Even modern all -wheel drive vehicles can be measured without any problems.

Dynapack vs:

On test stands with a fixed centrifugal mass, the torque is determined based on the acceleration of a large inertial mass. Changes in the torque are only recorded very slowly. As a result, you get a smooth performance diagram , which provides information about the peak performance and the torque. What remains hidden are small to medium changes or even dropouts in the torque curve . However, when it comes to tuning, testing and diagnostics, we need to know exactly what is going on in the engine and analyze every combustion cycle. A lot of high tech and knowledge is required for this demanding work. Our know-how paired with the powerful Dynapack provides the answer - according to the motto: advanced technology for advanced cars.


More and more well-known tuners rely on the precision of a Dynapack dynamometer. To name a few:

Dynapack Maptec in the Romanshorn car factory. Performance improvement and performance measurement for road vehicles and racing vehicles. Details and functionality of the dynamometer
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