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Adrian Hosbak

Business Owner and Head Calibration Engineer B.Sc.



Key data:

  • Bachelor of Science in System Technology NTB specialization in mechanical engineering

  • over 13 years of experience in engine development and tuning

  • VIP Member HPA Academy

  • Experience as engine and data engineer TCR Europe

  • Racing mechanic in Porsche Motorsport

  • Training as a car mechanic difficult


The great interest in increasing the performance of internal combustion engines already began in the "Töffli era". The own moped and half of the village was diligently converted, optimized and discontinued. Motorsport was the main interest early on. Adrian bought his first motocross machine at the age of 15 and was later active on the racetracks with his self-built Nissan 200 Sx. After completing his apprenticeship, he went straight to Porsche Motorsport. Then he built up a business in the tuning area with a partner and at the same time caught up with vocational school. He was particularly fascinated by the engine tuning, so that he taught himself 95% of his know-how in this area over several years. After successfully building up the business, Adrian wanted to develop further in the direction of professional motorsport and sold his stake in the first company. He started studying systems engineering and founded Maptec a few months later (2014).

Today Adrian does development and test bench work for our customers in addition to the management. We develop the engines and electronics for the Renault TCR vehicles, which is why Adrian is on site at many TCR events. He looks after customer teams from all over the world online.

Adrian Hosbak Bussines Owner and Head Approx
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